Manitoba Security Guard Training

Manitoba Security Guard Training Program - MSGTP

(5 Days, Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm each day)

Please read this information carefully.  This is the training you need to obtain a security guard licence in Manitoba.  This course is recognized by the Departments of Justice in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia as acceptable training for acquisition of a security guard licence.  The training starts at 8 am and ends at 4 pm each day, takes a prescribed 40 hours and includes review and refresher testing as well as the following subjects:

        • General Duties and Responsibilities
        • Professionalism
        • You and the Law
        • Patrolling
        • Writing Notes and Reports
        • Bomb Threats
        • Access Control and Alarm Systems
        • Traffic Control
        • Fire! 
        • Working Safely and  WHMIS (WHMIS qualification is included (a $40 value) at no additional cost as part of our basic Security Guard training.
          • The manual for this course is available for for download as a .pdf file at: 


          • (If this link doesn't work, copy and paste into your browser search window)  

          • You do not need to have a clear criminal record check or child abuse registry check to attend this training but you need these checks to apply for a security licence.    

          • This course is offered once each month and the dates for our courses for the rest of the year are available on our schedule page.

                  Contact us for more details or visit our "Upcoming Training                   Schedule" page.

                We still have room for more candidates. 

                - Please call us at (204) 995-6246

                or register through our "Register for Our Training" page. 

            In order to obtain a Security Guard Licence, you must take this training and pass a Department of Justice written test which costs $25 each time you write it.  The cost of your first test is included in your tuition.  You have three chances to pass this test.  If you are unsuccessful after three tries, you must retake the training in order to attempt the test again. 

            You must attend the entire course to be eligible to write the government licence test.  If you take time off during the course, you must make that lost time up on the next course by attending the missed time.


            So be ready to commit to the entire week and please don't ask for time off.

            You must take this course in the classroom with one of our instructors.  Home study is helpful but cannot be substituted for coming to class.  Government regulation requires your instructor to certify that you have attended the entire course before you can attempt the Security Guard licence test.

            Check out our MSGTP training for the next year on our 

            Upcoming Training Schedule page